Up, Up and Away: The Quest for Celebrity

What are your thoughts on Balloon Boy? No, seriously. Now that the family has been exposed as having lied about Falcon being in the balloon in order to gain fame, what are your thoughts on our seeming insatiable desire for celebrity?

Read the stories below to give yourself some background on the story. There are also links to what other people are saying about the incident over Colorado. After you've digested the issue, please leave a comment. What can we take from the Balloon Boy incident? What does it say about our love affair with the media?

Balloon Boy reminder that TV is full of shams

Bay Area's Balloon Boy (this is a different perpective)
6-year-old boy found alive in attic...
Balloon Boy charges...
Commentary: Balloon Boy...
Commentary from NPR (includes video from CNN)

W00T! Our very first breaking news story!