Court refusal could lead to censorship

The Supreme Court has thrown out a suit by a student who was refused the right to play "Ave Maria" at her high school graduation. Justices have said it was reasonable for administrators to ban the song since it is overtly religious and since previous performances had been challenged by parents.

  • Read the article from the Seattle Times here.
  • This Wikipedia entry gives you a bit of background on the lyrics of the song and its various arrangments.
  • As expected, the Student Press Law Center weighed in on the Court's refusal to hear the case.

Your assignment: Read the various articles above and leave a comment here. Do you think this case could have lasting implications for student speech? Does this case, in any way, compare to the graduation controversy here at HHS last year? If so, how? Please be sure to leave your first name (and last initial if you share the same first name with someone else in class).

This assignment is due today by the end of 5th period (either lunch or class).