Do yearbooks have a future?

This is an interesting article from Oklahoma about the future of yearbooks. Our books are scheduled to arrive early next week and we sell to nearly 50% of our student population. The books are also requested by the city and two local libraries. With all of that said, our sales are still down significantly over the past two years.

A yearbook is the story of the school year in book form, so what is the future of the traditional yearbook? What makes you think so? Leave a thoughtful comment here. Due by the end of 5th period today.

Note: many of you know my opinion on this issue. Please don't regurgitate my opinion. What are YOUR thoughts on the future of yearbooks?

Things that make you go huh?

Think like a journalist on this one. Leave a comment here discussing both the content of the story and the story itself. It doesn't matter that this is about a yearbook, it could be about a student newspaper as well. There are a few things that should leap off the screen at you. What do you still want to know?

Keep in mind: Prior review in VA is not uncommon.

Article: H.S. Yearbook Halted

As always, I would suggest that you compose your comment elsewhere, then copy and paste it here. This is due by 5 pm Friday, May 21.

Your Thoughts: Convergence Media

View this presentation on convergence media and the future of high school journalism programs (both newspaper and yearbook). After viewing it, leave a comment here. Things to keep in mind:
  1. type your response in a Google Doc first, then copy and paste it when you're done. That saves you the agony of having the comment box time out on you.
  2. your comment should include your thoughts about our media program. What, if anything, from the presentation could we incorporate into our program?
  3. Are there any thoughts in this presentation that would severely disrupt our audience? 
  4. What is the best idea?

'Flag Flap:' Rights and Responsibilities

By now you have  heard about the 'flag flap' at Live Oak High School in the south bay. In short, five students were sent home for wearing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. Read the most recent article at as well as the related stories posted on that page (the three stories cover the story from the beginning).

The students claim they have the right to wear clothing with the American flag. Site administrators claim wearing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo is offensive and potentially dangerous.

You will also need to consider such court rulings as Tinker and California Education Code 48907.

What is your stand on the issue? Who is right? Leave a comment here with your views. Be specific in your reasons for your stance. It is recommended that you first compose your response in a Google Doc, THEN copy and paste it into a blog comment. That way you don't have to worry about time out issues.

This is due today, May 12 by the end of lunch.