Mad Cow: An Assignment for 4.27

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By now you've probably heard about the Mad Cow case in central California. Your task will require your journal.

First, read the two articles below (one is news, the other is opinion). On the opinion piece, you only have to read to the end of the first section on the Mad Cow case.

California mad cow disease: Quick response by beef industry (do not watch the video unless you have headphones)

Mad Cow (remember to stop at the end of the section on Mad Cow Disease)

Next, in your journal, describe how you might localize this story. Include angles you might pursue, who would would talk to and at least three questions you would ask.

Finally, in your journal, analyze the opinion piece. Is it well-written and easy to follow? Does he follow good format for an opinion piece (presents information, includes his opinion and the evidence that supports it, acknowledges the other side of the story and provides evidence why that side might be wrong, use engaging language to hook and keep the reader involved)? Discuss whether or not the author does a good job and provide evidence.

Advocacy Journalism: Bullying

This is a reading and journal assignment:
  1. Read the front-page (yes, the entire front page) editorial from yesterday's Sioux City Journal. It can be found here. Also, read the AP story on the editorial (which really is unusual) here.
  2. In your journal create a page for today's entry. On the top half of the page write at leave five words, phrases or sentences that make this a powerful piece. Below your list, explain why those words and phrases spoke to you. Below that, write at least one paragraph on your opinion of the placement of this piece citing specific evidence from the AP story and the editorial itself.
  3. On the bottom half of the page suggest ideas for how the Titan Template could address the bullying issue. Your ideas should include, at a minimum, a specific story idea, a visual to accompany the story, and some sort of infographic type visual. You are encouraged to list additional items for coverage as well.

editorial cartoon source: Sioux City Journal, 4.22.12, pg. 1