Social Media: Root of all Evil?

A New Jersey middle school principal has called for a ban on all social media networks for students at his school. Read the article linked below. Leave a thoughtful comment here. Do you agree with the policy or not? Why? If the use of social networks is a potential problem what might be a solution to the problem?

Be sure to read the ENTIRE article as the principal's email is at the bottom and he gives his rationale for the request to ban social media networks.

New Jersey Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking

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Journalism Ethics, Gizmodo and the iPhone

You may have heard that Gizmodo broke a story about the new G4 iPhone. They admit to obtaining the prototype from an individual who 'found it' in a bar in Redwood City. Now, Gizmodo is coming under fire for buying the iPhone and reporting on it. Keeping journalistism ethics in mind, read the articles, then leave a thoughtful comment about how Gizmodo should have handled this situation.

Gizmodo blogger's computers seized
Gizmodo article (check out the links within the article)

Your comment is due by 5pm TODAY, April 27.