First Amendments Rights: Should They Apply to Everyone?

Yesterday, a commentary by Thomas Peele took to task Supreme Court Justice Kennedy for requesting prior review of an article that would have been published in the student newspaper at the Dalton School in New York. Peele says that despite Kennedy's support for First Amendment rights for all members of the press, he has violated those rights by requesting a review of student work prior to publication. Peele also questions the integrity and motives of the student reporters who failed to put up an adequate fight on the issue.

One possible reason for this alleged lack of 'fight' might be that a recent study found that most students, indeed most Americans, believe that First Amendment rights as they have been traditionally held, could harm the country.

Read Peele's commentary here, then leave a comment on your thoughts on First Amendment rights. Though your comment does not have to be long, I want to see evidence of thoughtful contemplation on First Amendment rights and student journalists.

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