MSNBC - Pro-Gun Group Suggests Teachers Should Be Armed
This teacher says, "I don't think so!" It would begin to look like the Wild West (though I've never heard that teachers in the real "Wild West" had guns in the classroom).
If we want to take better care of our students and recognize problems early, why not:
1. Decrease class size in all high school classrooms. Why not 20 students per class instead of 35 or more?
2. Decrease the maximum number of students per school. How can you get to know kids when you have 5,000 of them in a small space? There is research that backs school sizes of 600-750 for high schools.
3. Reinstate counselors into high schools. How many districts across this country now have "college technicians" or some other group that doesn't offer help of a personal nature?
4. Hold classes around the teen's schedule. In other words, start later in the day. Allow for jobs. Maybe evening classes would be useful for some students. Perhaps it would even be wise to allow some kids to accelerate their graduation when circumstances call for it.