Okay, What's With the "Cold Hearted Demon?"

That nickname was given to me by a student. Yes, I know. Some people are shocked. I found it amusing. Why? It's one of those things that happens in a classroom. A student gets really frustrated or excited about something and something goofy just pops out of their mouth. "Cold Hearted Demon" was this year's. My first year teaching, my students found out how old I was. Naturally, sixth graders are shocked to find out adults are over 20. Francisco blurted out "Wow! You're an old fart, aren't you?" He was mortified, as were his classmates. They held their collective breath to see what would happen. I busted up laughing. I laughed so hard I cried. They were relieved that I could be so liberal about the whole thing. Same thing happened with "Cold Hearted Demon" this year. Collective breath held. I laughed so hard I cried. I still give the student a bad time about it.


Anonymous said...

but it`s the correct nickname .. COLD HEARTED DEMON .. haha .. b/c most demons aren`t WARM-hearted anywayy ..lol