Advocacy Journalism: Bullying

This is a reading and journal assignment:
  1. Read the front-page (yes, the entire front page) editorial from yesterday's Sioux City Journal. It can be found here. Also, read the AP story on the editorial (which really is unusual) here.
  2. In your journal create a page for today's entry. On the top half of the page write at leave five words, phrases or sentences that make this a powerful piece. Below your list, explain why those words and phrases spoke to you. Below that, write at least one paragraph on your opinion of the placement of this piece citing specific evidence from the AP story and the editorial itself.
  3. On the bottom half of the page suggest ideas for how the Titan Template could address the bullying issue. Your ideas should include, at a minimum, a specific story idea, a visual to accompany the story, and some sort of infographic type visual. You are encouraged to list additional items for coverage as well.

editorial cartoon source: Sioux City Journal, 4.22.12, pg. 1


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