IKEA, what have you done?

The controversy continues as font-fanatics the world over slam furniture-giant IKEA over its decision to change fonts. Fonts of all things. We first started discussing this in class last week and, I have to admit, the students and I find the whole thing amusing. Nonetheless, here is a collection of articles on the topic:

The New York Times has printed several articles over the past week on the topic. The September 5th print edition had a nice graphic showing the modified Futura and Verdana side-by-side. This is the online version of the same article.

Canada's NOW also filed a report on September 4th.

The Daily Finance goes into a little background on the fonts themselves and cites the 'unsavoriness' of Verdana's origins at Microsoft as one of the reasons for the furor.

USA Today reported on the controversy back on August 30. I wonder if it's significant that an advertisement for cat litter is the banner ad?

Even TIME magazine posted a story on August 28.

Finally, for now, the Guardian infuses its story with a bit of humor.

A quick Google News search turns up at least 345 articles and blog posts about the topic. So, what do YOU make of all this hubub? Should designers be in an uproar or is it much ado about nothing? I leave you with College Humor's take on fonts at Font Conference: