I'm not really sure, but here is the text of President Obama's speech to students in Arlington. This speech will be given a 9 AM PDT. Read about the controversy at USA Today, at the New York Times and in an article from the Associated Press. YOUR ASSIGNMENT is to write a news brief about this topic. Include an interesting lede (alternate spelling for lead, or the first sentence in a story), information about the speech and information about the controversy surrounding the president's desire to directly address America's schoolchildren. Your news brief should be no longer than 200 words (shorter is better). Once you've finished your newsbrief (say, in a GoogleDocs), copy and paste it as a comment to Ms. Wojinski's Blog. When leaving your comment use this format for your name period_first name_last initial. This is due no later than Thursday, September 10 at 5 pm.


nicholas said...

Nicholas Weller

Lately there has been much controversy over President Barak Obama speaking directly children in Arlington, VA. Our president was speaking to them about their education, and how they are the minds of the future. He incouraged the children to stay in school, I believe he said somthing like "You can't just drop out of school and drop into a job." He has been criticized for speaking to children directly. Many of the people that still don't trust him are accusing him of moldind their minds to fit into his socialist plans, BUT THAT WASN'T THE MESSAGE AT ALL! President Obama was telling the kids a positive message, a message we can all agree on, to stay in school so you can hve a better future. This wouldn't be the first time that the president has delivered a speech to kids. President Ronal Ragen made a very political speech to children about defeating communism and what not. I personally don't believe that there was anything wrong with making a speech to kids. Some kids may have needed to know that the president had gone through same similar situations when he was a child like them.

Stefan said...

Yesterday, President Obama told all of us good children that socialism is great, and pushed his health care plan onto us to help convince our parents it was the right thing to do... Or at least that's what some people believe.

This is absolutely false however. People could have said Obama was trying to convince children they should do drugs so robot dinosaur butlers would serve them tea while they hallucinate, because in my opinion, the two are equally preposterous.

The only purpose of yesterday's speech was for student's to take responsibility for their education, because it is important to be properly prepared for the future. The common saying "Children are the future" holds very true as each generation brings new ideas, and innovations to the table to improve society as we know it.

Is this so wrong a message to convey to our nation's students? Many presidents in the past have addressed students about education. Even George Bush Sr. made a broadcast about staying in school, and staying away from drugs. It's doubtful this is some sort of secret socialist agenda, but if it is, why is this bad again?

Indep_Elim_Y said...

Since Obama's recent words with children and their education, many have accused the president of putting subliminal messages into his speech. Rather than being an inspiring "'prep-talk" for kids to stay in school, the speech suddenly became a political matter. Like George Bush, who also made a nation-wide broadcast of his speech, Obama was met with criticisms. Several parents, especially from Texas, called their child's school to inform them that their child would be absent due to Obama's speech that was going be released in the school. They felt their child was being expose to Obama's socialist ideologies. But parents weren't the only group to be angered at the Chief in Command's talk. Several taxpayers felt that their money was being abused-abused in that the money was being used to pay for political advertisment. Few believe that Obama's speech was what it was originally meant to be: a supportive talk from the leader of the United States to schoolkids all across America. With several speculation now created, no one will ever know its true motive.

Teresa-Mae said...
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Independent_Teresa-Mae_P said...

What comes to mind when you hear the names Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or Kim Jong Il? Would most associate these names with our the current President of the United States? Probably not. However, as a result of his motivational speech addressed to students in Arlington, President Obama has actually been accused of attempting to establish a "cult of personality". Parents, teachers, and critics are over-analyzing Obama's intentions. There is no indication, especially for the youth to be able to discern, that the President is calling for worship. President Obama is simply trying to inspire students and help them understand the importance of education, and for something so positive to incite such controversy is outrageous.

A_Derrick_C said...

President Barack Obama's speech that will be given to students has no political content whatsoever. The speech is merely reaching out to students to stay in school so they can be successful. There is no reason why school districts or parents would be against the speech. Since when was it a bad thing to talk to kids about staying in school and being respectful and proud people of the United States of America? The kids of America are the future; President Obama reaching out to students is an excellent idea. Kudos to him. No matter what President Obama does, he will always face controversy; might as well talk to students and prepare the United States of America for a brighter future.

Colby said...


A successful child would make any parent proud. So it would make sense why parents would want their kids to have the best education around. If this was the case, why would parents not want to show their kids a speech straight from the president himself about staying in school and getting a great education? The speech will be presented to a high school in Arlington, Va but will be streamed on the White House web site to every school in the nation. Parents feel the speech is a political agenda and do not want their children exposed to it. Some people even went as far as comparing the speech to a way of creating a cult of personality like Saddam Hussein's Iraq. All Obama is trying to say in his speech is what other parents have been saying to their children from the very beginning and it's kids themselves who are the boss of their own education and they should make the most out of it to make the most out of their futures. He isn't saying everyone child should follow what he says. He just wants them to stay in school to better themselves and the nation.

Chris Mendoza said...

On Sept 8th, in Arlington, VA, President Obama spoke to a high school audience on America's education, a message broad casted every way possible for all students to grasp at their parents consent. It was in many ways a personal speech, where obama included stories of his past, of his family, of heart felt stories lived by various students across the country so that parents all over this country could fell that there education is not solely there own, or something just rich and intelligent people can absorb. Every student's education makes them and America stronger and better prepared for the future. However some conservative parents have revolted, and accused the president of trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas and are asked school officials to excuse the children from listening. This is ludicrous. The speech is one communicated by parents towards their children about being determined and active in school to become successful in life. President Obama here is justifying parents reasoning while encouraging every student to continue there education and fulfill their responsibility in this system so that America can fulfill her promise to its citizen's.

Nico said...
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Sabrina said...


Obama Drama That's Concerning Mamas

Obama is infecting the young minds of America with his deadly virus! He produces the virus of words that will snake into the brains of elementary students.

The phones of public elementary schools are ringing off the hook. Angry parents express their outrage at the possiblity of their children being brain-washed by Obama's speech. Parents are afraid of Obama trying to enforce staying in school and not dropping out. Parents also feel that this speech is immoral to involve political issues with school.

" If you quit on school – you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country," said Obama in his speech. Parents are astounded that Obama is introducing guilt to the innocent.

"Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future," said Obama. He implies that one's past and surroundings should not hinder their education and parents do not want this message being issued to their offspring.

Nico said...


President Barack Obama has given a speech to students to urge them to stay in school last Tuesday, but parents keep their children from listening. Although the speech was quite interesting and influential, Obama has set off a controversy with parents in the schools where the speech was broadcasted. Countries such as: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina and Utah are receiving complaints on Obama’s speech towards education. Parents complained Obama is trying to drill his teachings of socialism into their children. The speech contains no forceful utterance or sensory statements. It merely contains how hard work in school now can pay off later in the future, and the abilities the students have are valuable to their country (United States). Having a stranger talk to your child is almost equivalent to Obama giving the speech to the students. Obama is obviously not trying to fill the minds of young adults with socialism, but simply trying to help the students and the future of the United States.

Julia Maniquiz! said...

09. 09. 09

Previous U.S. presidents have consumed themselves and their terms in addressing the war in Iraq, in reforming health care, and in locating elusive weapons of mass destruction. The enlightenment and edification of America’s youth is of equal, if not greater, importance than the aforementioned issues. The White House, however, has continually failed to place the importance of education on their agenda – until now. President Barack Obama took the initiative, cut out the middleman and made a speech directly to students about their responsibility to remain dedicated to their schoolwork. His efforts were not well received by all. School districts in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin have refused to show Obama’s speech to their students. He is accused of promoting political agendas and indoctrinating the youth. Contrary to such beliefs, Obama only wished to communicate one thing: Individuals are in charge of their own futures and must assume responsibility for creating a bright, successful tomorrow for themselves and for their country. He is only guilty of promoting proactive behavior, and since when has assertiveness been negative?


Leah said...


Barack Obama's back-to-school speech was intended to inspire students to do their best this school year. Obama preached to students about the importance of good behavior and setting goals for the future. It seems harmless, however the controversy surrounding this address has Americans doubting the motives of their president. Many republican critics feel that by making this speech to students, Obama is forcing politics upon them. Lesson plans were published online to supplement the address, which also caused many parents concern. These lesson plans originally recommended having students, "Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help their president." Despite the argument over this speech, it was not required for teachers to show the speech in their class. The back-to-school address is seemingly innocent, and it is important for students to understand how valuable a great education is.

Aundrea said...


Is it right to inflict today's most serious topics on the minds of young adolescents? President Obama has proposed to attend schools and make a statement, by telling kids to stay in school and perform well. Parents believe otherwise. They believe President Obama wants to share his views on socialism and promote a political agenda. Appalled by this measure, parents want to opt their children out of President Barack Obama's speech. Even though it can come off as a form of disrespect in the exclusion of their children, as a parent they have every right to decide for their minors.

If President Obama wanted to share his views on socialism and political aspects, then he should focus on a more mature high school and college-bound level. Regardless in the President's efforts to better help the young society, parents have the option of sharing the speech with their children online. It is perhaps better if the speech is aired on television or supported on the Internet, that way everyone can decide what they want to do, and everyone is pleased.

Tracy said...

The president is being accused for being anti-failure.
Yesterday, President Obama made an address to the nation's students, stressing the need for students to work hard, stay in school, and persevere. The speech was broadcasted live on national television at noon EDT (or 9 a.m. PST), when most students would be in school, but whether schools show the speech or up is up to individual schools or districts.
Since the announcement of the speech several weeks ago, critics and conservative parents have been in a flurry of debate about whether the president's address oversteps morals and if it is, in a sense, a nationwide brainwashing. Others criticize the speech as Obama's use of federal funds in order to " indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas" and consequently asked school officials to excuse the students from listening in.
As thousands of calls rushed into school districts and schools all over the country, one Idaho school superintendent, Murray Dalgleish of Council, is reported to have urged people not to rush their judgments:
"He's trying to get out the same message we're trying to get out, which is, `You are in charge of your education.'"

A_Kimberly_N said...

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009, President Barack Obama delivered a message from a school in Arlington, VA to the children and teens of America about encouraging students to stay in school and how staying in school helps one succeed in life. Ever since his encouraging message, there has been much controversy over how his speech has turned into a political matter and how he is attempting to change the children of the future. Obama was met with much criticism because of the political irrelevance intended in his speech. Many parents were enraged with the fact that their children were being exposed to the world of socialist ideologies. What Obama originally wanted his speech to be a was a harmless, encouraging speech backfired to become an outrageous controversy over the education of the future adults of America. His original intention was to encourage students to create their own future. "Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future," said Obama. He is not trying to fill the minds of innocent children with socialist ideologies, but rather trying to encourage each child that they have the right to succeed in life.

Beilul Naizghi said...

On Tuesday, September 8, 2009, President Barack Obama gave a speech directly to students across America regarding the importance of education. The primary message in this speech was to learn from your mistakes, to be responsible for yourself and your education, and to encourage students to create their own future. There was much controversy around the speech because many parents were uncomfortable with the president speaking directly to their children. However, the primary issue with the speech was not the content specifically, but the lesson plan that the Education Department released to schools. The lesson plan included a prompt asking students "How can you help the president?", and many conservatives felt this was very inappropriate and accused Obama of brainwashing the students into his socialist agenda. The lesson plan was later cancelled. The speech sent an encouraging message to all students declaring that the future of America depends on what they learn and how they use it.

Karwin said...

Numerous people are furious at the fact that Obama delivered a speech informing children of what they need to do to get ahead in life. Many schools have been getting getting calls from angry parents stating that they didn't want their children exposed to our President's speech. Parents were allowed to excuse their kid(s) from school that day if they opposed the speech.

“I don’t want our schools turned over to some socialist movement.”

Several parents believe that Obama is forcing politics onto their kids for campaign reasons. However, that is not the case. I believe that Obama is strictly motivating the next generation to acheive their goals and dreams. He is simply telling the children that they would have to work hard for what they want to achieve in life.

2_Crystal_C said...

President Obama's Speech
By: Crystal Chung

President Barack Obama's back to school online speech that is to be shown to the nation's students have sparked some controversy among parents and school officials nationwide. Many claim that by giving the speech the president is advocating socialist ideas and promoting political agenda.

In his speech, Obama advises students to work hard and to stay in school. While some may translate this as an inspiring way to reduce the school dropout rates, others are interpreting it as a way of spreading socialist ideologies.

Districts across the country have been flooded with phone calls from concerned parents. Many parents are said to be concerned due to the fact that the speech had not been screened for political content and reviewed by the State Board of Education and local school boards which, under state law, must be approved under the curriculum.

Many parents have decided to While some schools are letting the teachers decide to whether show the speech or not, others have even gone to the extent of completely forbidding the showing of President Obama’s online speech, due to the objections of administrators and parents.

“It's sad that we've had to turn yet something else into a political issue" said Chuck Saylors, a National PTA president.

marc said...

2_isidro marc

A speech from President Obama to the students makes some parents frown. "What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country." Obama said during his speech to the students in Arlington, VA. It gave some parents a negative effect thinking that he is doing this more for a political reason than an educational reason for their children. Parents asked their schools not to show Obama's speech to their children and made a big deal out of a good deed. But as many parents think, Obama's speech does in fact contain remarks that suggest that when we grow up, our immediate plans are to serve this country. Even though this is the case, we should not forget that he, the president of the United States, is addressing us, the student of America, for our education and good future.

athena said...


"So don’t let us down – don’t let...your country or yourself down." Students are addressed directly by President Barak Obama in an online speech intended to inspire them to stay in school and hopefully decrease the dropout rate. As a result, the President's speech causes much controversy, for parents are concerned about the speech not being reviewed by the State Board of Education and the President advocating socialist ideals. Due to numerous phone calls to superintendents, schools, and principals, the speech has become optional in many schools, some parents are keeping their children home for the day while some schools aren't showing the speech at all. Jim Greer, said he “was appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.”

Indep_Stephanie_Ny said...

"And that's what I want to focus on today: the responsibility each of you has for your education." These words, spoken by our controversial president, have, upon release, been immediately associated with "indoctrination," politics, and even Saddam Hussein. What skeptics, parents, and others do not realize is that this motivational speech, given last Tuesday, is nothing more than a motivational speech. In no place does Obama mention politics; he merely encourages students to continue their education and to take it under serious consideration. People are taking every opportunity they can to annihilate Obama's position, and this is just another one of those opportunities.

5_Donovan_B said...

Parents continously ask for role models in their child's life, but what role model could be better then the United States' own president, Barack Obama. The leader of are country has been rejected on some level of mentoring to students in the classroom. Obama's direct address to students across the nation would discuss aspects of being hardworking and staying in school. The extra effort of Obama to reach out to students backfired, as some parents saw it as a socialist movement. The opposition of conservative parental critics kept children at home from school tuesday, to cease the viewing of Obama's back to school speech. Various phone calls have even been made on the matter, to school across the country with concerned parents one the line. Althouh the speech was intended for all students, many will not experience the words of President Obama.

Patrick said...

Patrick Li
5th period
President Barack Obama recently had a speech in Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. President Obama's speech startled the media as an attempt to brainwash vulnerable children who idol the president. However, the false rumors from the local papers were in fact not true, but rather a beneficial speech to inspire local students to study harder in school. In the conversation, Obama compared the numerous difficulties in life to his own, and what futures the children may have, if they were to study seriously. Obama told the children, "Being successful is hard. Don't let failures define you."

Joseph said...

The speech by President Barack Obama frightened many American parents that it was going to brainwash the school children. In fact, the speech was like a friendly conversation to the scholars. On Tuesday, the president conducted a speech at Wakefield High School in Arlignton, Virginia. The speech was to inspire children to work harder in school. Obama compared many of the student difficulties to his similar life in the past. He mentioned to the children that every individual had a future and should set goals to take the school year seriously. President Obama ended his lecture by saying, "So don’t let us down – don’t let your family or your country or yourself down. Make us all proud. I know you can do it".

A_Savanna_Lawrence said...


The controversy surrounding Barack Obama's speech has spread around the country. Everyone has their different opinions, but most seem be against showing this speech to primary grades, but it is acceptable to show this to secondary scholars. It is not appropriate to "corrupt" children's minds with politics, and stress them out about not doing their best in grades K-5. The President's speech inspires students to do their best but also pressures them with saying you are going to be the leaders of this world very soon. He is talking to five year old who still don't know how to tie their shoes, how can Obama tell them they have the weight of America on their shoulders? Many parents have called in and asked schools to not show this speech because it is a load of false information that will scare kids into trying to do well. This speech has led to a big ordeal in the nation which is completely unnecessary.

alec said...


The man who was so acknowledged during his presidency campaign is now being attacked--verbally and ideologically--for an encouraging speech about America's school children at Arlington, Virgina Tuesday. Barrack Obama's main purpose was to change the way America's school children thought about learning and achieving the most in themselves. For some American parents, they have viewed his speech as a socialist movement, however, it reached a fever pitch of controversy Wednesday morning because of its demanding, yet encouraging tone. While some say it is only voluntary to show the actually speech to schools and that it's not a policy speech, others say it was a paid political advertisement. Nevertheless, previous presidents have visited public schools directly in the past to give support and encouragement to America's school students. "Don’t ever give up on yourself. Because when you give up on yourself, you give up on your country," said Obama. This was such a controversial statement because it forced students to question their state of being as an American. The president's speech was nevertheless forceful, yet the intent was to persuade America's students to refrain from giving up on themselves academically.

A_Chloe_L said...

What began as an innocent approach at inspiring student youth and relieving citizens stressed over the recent health care dispute quickly and unexpectedly became a supposed political invasion of schools across the nation.

On Tuesday, September 8, President Barack Obama directly addressed students K-12 about perservering in school regardless of obstacles. However, controversy soon arose over how direct Obama would be in addressing the children and also over his request for students to write letters to themselves entailing how they could help the president. Other conservatives claimed the president was unacceptably imposing a "political agenda" upon students.

Thus, when the speech aired that same Tuesday, many districts in states such as Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin chose not to show it and others allowed parents to pull their children out of class.

A Period_Stacy_C said...

In the midst of all the discussion encircling healthcare, President Barack Obama may be the last person to expect the unintended effects of his back-to-school address. To start the new school year off, Obama has decided to take on the issue of education, sending a universal message to students about the importance of it. He makes it clear that it is largely the students themselves who are responsible for their academic success. Yet, this supposedly-inspiring speech has been denounced by many "conservative" parents, who claim that Obama is trying to "indoctrinate" or yield socialist ideas to their children. This controversy has prompted many schools from releasing the viewing of the speech publicly, forcing one to only post the written text of the speech on its school Internet site. However, many people counter these arguments by suggesting that Obama is not trying to foist political agenda on students, but rather cultivating students who will not quit on themselves, nor on their country.

Banpreet said...

Banpreet Bhambra
journ1 `A

There has been controversy of President Obama speaking to kids about education. Many parents who are concerned about there kids education claim that Obama is only filling there kids heads with stuff from his socialist plan. However this is false, Obama only wanted to show the students that it is a good thing to finish school, get priorities straight and to take a hold on there educational life. This type of controversy also occurred when President George B made a broadcast on education and to stay away from drugs. Is it wrong for a president to worry about America’s children, who indeed are the future of this country? The educational speeches are only made to inspire kids to finish school and become successful. However, many parents do not understand that.

banpreet said...


There has been controversy of President Obama speaking to kids about education. Many parents who are concerned about there kids education claim that Obama is only filling there kids heads with stuff from his socialist plan. However this is false, Obama only wanted to show the students that it is a good thing to finish school, get priorities straight and to take a hold on there educational life. This type of controversy also occurred when President George B made a broadcast on education and to stay away from drugs. Is it wrong for a president to worry about America’s children, who indeed are the future of this country? The educational speeches are only made to inspire kids to finish school and become successful. However, many parents do not understand that.

2_Courtney_M said...

When thinking of the President of the United States, words of leadership and respect may come to mind. What about words such as cultist or indoctrinator? Some seem to think he is attempting to create a “cult of personality” after giving an innocent speech stressing the importance of education.

On Tuesday, September 8, President Barack Obama delivered a speech addressed to public school students. What was meant to be an effort to inspire the youth to stay in school and continue to work hard was not well received by many. Several conservative parents have accused Obama of indoctrinating the students with socialist ideas. These parents are so concerned that they are pulling their sons and daughters out of class. This controversy even caused schools districts in states such as Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin to refuse to show the speech to the children.

Obama simply tried to promote the significance of a good education and encourage the need to stay in school. Why should one be guilty for such actions?

Henry said...


Politics and education, two separate ideas that should always be kept separate right? Wrong. Recently, President Barack Obama gave a speech about the importance of education to schools. However, President Obama also came under criticism from the parents of students stating the educational speech was intended to be like a campaign speech. The vagueness of given information on the speech prior to the broadcast only added to the fire. President Obama also made it clear that the speech was completely optional and left entirely up to the school administration whether to show it or not. Schools ultimately reached different decisions. Some decided not to show it while others gave a choice to students whether to watch it or not. Skepticism was proved false after the speech was broadcasted, as the speech gave only educational advice to students.

Wendy said...
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hinhin_tsang said...

On September 8, 2009, President Barack Obama had a speech in a high school in Arlington, Virginia. President Obama’s speech is to encourage students to work hard in the coming school year. He thought everyone has their responsibility, teachers, parents and even students had their own responsibility. The responsibility of students is to work hard. It is so important to study hard because whatever which careers you decide in future, it still needs to study. He also used a lot of famous people in United States for examples show that how important study was. At last, he promised that in future he would continue to work on America’s education and hope all the students could work hard so that there could have a better future in future.

Wendy said...

If you buy the lottery, you have a chance to win. But if you don't buy it, you have zero possibility to win. So does education. If you have an education, you have a chance to matriculate in a good University, find a good vocation and serve the community. But if you don't have education, you have no chance to do all things mentioned above.

On Sep. 8th, at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, our formal president, Barack Obama delivered a speech on education. He tried to persuade people to go to school and take their responsibility as a student. There are a lot of controversy about his speech. A parent in Pearland said that he didn't want Obama to make political speech to his children. On the other hand, people said that Obama was using the opportunity to promote a political agenda and cross the parameter of federal involvement in schools.

All in all, the main purpose of Obama's speech was to improve education standards of future generations, in order to guarantee a prosperous nation.

Fiona said...

Although the people of the United States are used to speeches pertaining to the war in Iraq, the controversy of gay marriage, and the nation's economic status, most would find it surprising to hear a speech about a topic that has seemed to be neglected over the years – education. The knowledge of young children and adolescents of this country is of equal importance to other major political or economic issues, but the White House has not yet elaborated on the subject of education. Luckily, President Barack Obama stepped up, broke the chain of “traditional” speeches, and made a speech targeting students and scholars about how dedication to school is vital in life. However, rather than receiving positive feedback and “thank you’s” from parents, controversy rose instead. Despite refusals to broadcast and publicize Barack Obama’s speech to students, Obama is accused of attempting to indoctrinate students with his socialist ideas. Nevertheless, that was not the case as his speech was only meant to motivate students to stay devoted to their educational studies, since their actions will determine the success of their future, as well as the country’s future.

Edison said...

"If you quit on school – you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country.” Words like these are what have started a controversy with parents surrounding President Obama’s speech, which he gave on Tuesday, September 8th. The speech was geared toward high school students and originally meant as a back-to-school speech to motivate and convince students to stay in school, but ultimately backfired. At first, some parents were concerned because the speech had not been screened for political content nor reviewed by the State Board of Education, but upon further hearing of the speech, parents had only become even more concerned. “And this isn’t just important for your own life and your own future. What you make of your education will decide nothing leses than the future of this country,” said President Obama. The parents are on edge about these seemingly socialist ideas because they put pressure on the students for the good of the nation. “This isn’t a policy speech,” said Sandra Abrevaya, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education. “It’s designed to encourage kids to stay in school.”

Davidson said...

How could something seem so right, turn out so wrong?

Tuesday, Sept, 8,2009, President Barack Obama addressed students in an online speech projected to influence students to stay in school and increase the graduation rates. Although there was good intention provided from this speech, the result was much controversy determining weather he was really trying to assist the children with their education or turning the speech into a political issue. Many parents were appalled by the action taken during the speech, thus parents pulled their children out of their classes and many districts in the states of Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin chose not to air speech in classes. Obama was simply trying to encourage the children of the new generation to give greater effort in school, along with the significance with why they should strive for excellence. People should ask themselves who is the bad guy here, the president who is trying to create a greater future for the children of the new generation or the people preventing it.

A_Terilyn_C said...

This is Kimberly Ny posting this for Teriyln Chen because she is at the doctors and she asked me to post this.

When President Barack Obama wrote his speech, complete with a lesson plan, directed at students to encourage them to stay in school, he probably did not expect it to fling him in the midst of another controversy.

In his speech, Obama urged students to work hard in school and to fight for their dreams.

Debates ignited not over content, but because of how the speech was planned to reach children. “I wouldn’t let my next-door neighbor talk to my kid alone,” said Chris Stigall, the host of a talk show based in Kansas, “I’m sure as hell not letting Barack Obama talk to him alone.” Others proceeded to call the plan “Obama’s socialist ideology.”
Many also attacked a portion of the lesson plan that asked students to “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.” Many right-wing parents felt these instructions were wrongly dragging children and education into politics. The White House has since revised this portion of the lesson plan, asking students to write letters about their goals.
Complaints sent to schools from concerned parents via email messages and phone calls prompted school districts to make listening to the speech a voluntary assignment.

5_Haley_K said...

Tuesday, September 8 marked the day for President Barack Obama's speech; not a speech regarding health care reform or the war in Iraq, but one directed at the millions American students, K-12, currently enrolled in school. His primary objective: discuss the significance of education and its impact on the student youth.

What appeared to be an innocent speech intended for education soon became an issue concerning Obama’s political influence on the millions of scholars viewing the president’s address in Virginia. Some parents went to such lengths as to forcing their children to stay home, fearing a negative impact of socialist ideals. Several districts in states including Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin all decided not to air Obama’s speech in their classrooms.

To make matters worse, some parents and conservatives throughout the United States became outraged when the president requested students write letters about helping him with the country. Despite his efforts to speak a few magical words of wisdom concerning education, Obama still managed to stir an inevitable amount of controversy, forcing the country to question his true intentions.

Christopher said...

period 5_Chris_H

What exactly is the matter with the idea of the president of the United States reinforcing the importance of staying in schools? President Barack Obama has decided to deliver a speech to public school students during their first day of school, urging them to be dedicated scholars, work hard, and strive for success. His message clearly emphasizes what all students should already have set in their minds when in school- to pay attention in class and be responsible for accomplishing tasks. Surprisingly, news of this speech has brewed much controversy among administrators and parents, some of whom claim the president has no right to interfere in children's education, and even withheld their children from attending their first day of school. President Obama is not forcing children to eat buckets of beer-dipped candy, but simply suggesting some encouraging words for the new school year. President Obama should be applauded for taking interest in the education of America- not harangued for it. It almost seems as if America has nothing better to do than turn a supportive entreaty into a political issue.

A_Carla_B said...

Educational motivation and advice has never failed to benefit students. However, this is not the case with parents when mentioning President Barrack Obama's "controversial" back-to-school address. On Tuesday, President Obama went to Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia to deliver a speech directed to the high school students. In this speech, Obama addressed that students should take responsibilities for getting proper education. He encouraged students, and assured them that through consistency, dilligence and good work ethics, students can benefit by accomplishing and pursuing their dreams in life. This motivational speech, however, did not go too well with conservative parents who have accused Obama of instilling socialist beliefs in their children's minds. Some parents has even pulled their children out of school in order to prevent them from listening to the president's address. Some, however, argue that the president's speech is appreciated, especially for the fact that he has personally involved himself in making sure today's generation will be more involved in their academic life. Although the president's motives are for the better, in the end, whether President Obama is working to better education, health care, or financing, there will always be controversy surrounding his next move.

A_Stephanie_C said...

Conventional parents, all across the nation, are vehement towards President Obama’s back-to-school speech. Some parents are agitated by this speech as it has not been reviewed by the State Board of Education and local boards for political content, while some parents are objecting to this speech for its socialism manipulation. Another concern is from the Democrats in Congress; Obama is referring to this as a speech, but in reality, could be a political advertisement, similar to George Bush’s case in 1991.

Regardless, these parents are unruly and putting the blame on Obama, which is unprofessional and unnecessary. Just because parents doesn’t agree with his ideas, does not mean their children has to be banned from listening to his speech. Both parents and students are capable of making their own decision as to tune in or tune out.

simaran said...
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Samson Tong said...

The future of the United States of America lie in the hands of the young. Believing this, President Barack Obama spoke to many kids in Arlington, Virginia regarding the future of the land of the free. Obama believes in order to have the country advance, an education is needed; he strongly urges young students to stay and succeed in school.
Including no political information from the president, this speech was directed from Obama to the kids of America; he is trying to reach out to them and help not only the students as individuals but the whole country. Obama is paving a clear successful path for the next generation, it is up to them to follow the path.

Yueming said...


What better way to start a school year than to have President Barack Obama deliver a heartfelt speech about education? Well, the answer depends.
While some ardently watched the president on television this Tuesday as he encouraged students nationwide to take education seriously, many parents and school administrators object Obama's attempt at delivering one of his political address to children. Deemed as a clever technique to instill -- to brainwash -- the leaders of tomorrow, Obama's team defends his back-to-school chalk talk, which was only intended to inspire students. This 10-minute presidential delivery quickly became the buzzing national controversy of the week.
Whether we would like interpret it as a stab at introducing political policies or a wake-up call to students, the message of Obama's speech cannot be challenged. Boldly stated and strongly emphasized, Obama reminded all of us that education is key to success.

A_Simaran_B said...

President Obama had plans to deliver a speech in hopes of promoting students to try their hardest in school, however his plans didn't go as expected, and the result was the beginning of a new controversy.
The speech was intended to inspire the students to stay in school and study hard so they can become successful in the futuer, but parents took the message in a different perspective.
Many parents and school officials referred to this speech as "Obama's socialist ideology." The parents main concerns were that they felt the president was "trying to indoctrinate their children with socialist ideas." Many parents didn't apperciate the president invovling students in political matters. To stop this controversy, school districts decided to limit the listening of this speech to volenteers.

A_Jennifer_D said...

How can a harmless speech concerning the education and future of our country be mistakenly taken as an opportunity for our own President to impose the topic of ‘political agenda’ into student’s lives?

On September 8, 2009, President Barack Obama delivered a speech about education to a high school in Arlington, Virginia. He puts across how important education is nowadays, how you can only motivate yourself, and how you must succeed. As a result of trying to motivate students to stay in school, do their utmost best, and succeed in life, parents were offended, and no later, a controversy had begun. Their concern revolved around how President Obama was going to present his speech, and because they didn’t want him to bring the subject of politics into this presentation, even though President Obama presented a harmless speech to motivate us students.

Regardless, President Obama brought up this important matter upon us students to inform us how valuable education is, and how we must do our very best to succeed every way possible.

A_Myron_L said...

When politicians speak to their country, citizens should listen regardless of their opinions. However, Barack Obama's speech has been a subject of controversy. His speech was intended to inspire students to succeed in school so they may one day be able to lead the country, but Republican critics believe Obama was trying to force politics onto young Americans who idolize him as their president. Although lesson plans were published as a supplement for teachers, it was not required for them to present the speech to their students. While the speech seemed to be in the interest of politics, its true meaning was to stress the importance of education. Obama said it himself in his speech: "You are in charge of your education."



Obama, President of the Play Structure, Lunch Boxes, and Crayons?

The reverberations of President Barack Obama's speech on eduction echoed in student classrooms from toddlers to young adults on Tuesday, Sept. 8. By speaking directly to the younger generation, Obama intends to instill a desire to learn and work hard, into these public school pupils. However, his intrusive tactic has sparked many controversies. Parents have demanded that the speech should not be shown to their children, while others have taken initiative and kept their kids home. These concerned citizens reason Obama is forcing politics on children in a manner that resembles "brain washing". Moreover, the fact that the content was unscreened and unreviewed by the State Board of Education has parents grousing. Obama's concern for the quality of education and ultimately, the standard of future is understandable, but his approach is questionable. Telling students "When you give up on yourself, you give up on your country," may not be the most effective method.

Banpreet said...


On Tuesday, September 8, 2009, President Obama delivered a speech directed to the students of America, that had brought about alot of controversay. Many questions arose in parents' minds that President Obama is only brainwashing there kids and not influencing them to be responsible and complete there education. However, this was not the case, President Obama indeed was trying to influence students to be responsible and not to do drugs. A similar controversay occurred when former President George W.Bush broadcasted his speech on education. However, the speech delivered by President Obama seemed eduaction oriented and influential in a good way, but others may argue this point.

Darlena said...

Darlena Chiem
Period 5 Journ 2

Obama speech triggers controversy

President Barack Obama gave his speech addressing the students of America on Tuesday, Sept. 8. He urged them to focus, work diligently, stay in school and reduce the nation's drop out rates. Although the intentions of the president were genuinely to inspire, numerous parents across the country refused to allow their children to tune-in to the announcement. Since the speech was not screened by the State Board of Education, parents became uneasy. Some even accused the speech of being a direct political scheme for the implanting of socialist ideas.

"The thing that concerned me most about it was it seemed like a direct channel from the president of the United States into the classroom, to my child,” said Brett Curtis, an engineer from Pearland, Tex. for an article in the New York Times.

Contrary to the critics, others believe it is unfortunate for politics to be associated with the president's speech. Supporters say it was simply encouraging students to believe in themselves, set goals, and strive for the best.

Carla said...
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Carla said...

Much controversy surrounds President Obama, who is being blamed for indoctrinating students with socialist ideas. On Tuesday, President Obama went to Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia to deliver a speech directed to the high school students. His address was also shown live on the White House Web site and on C-SPAN at noon EDT. Here, Obama addressed that students should take responsibilities for getting proper education. He encouraged students that through consistency, diligence and good work ethics, students can accomplish their dreams. Schools don't have to show it, but did create much controversy, especially with conservative parents who have accused Obama of instilling socialist beliefs in their children's minds. Some parents have even pulled their children out of school in order to prevent them from listening to the president's address. Districts in states including Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin have decided not to show the speech to students, while some decided to let their students tune into it. One Idaho school superintendent, Murray Dalgleish of Council, urged people not to rush to judgment, saying that the president is only “trying to get out the same message we're trying to get out, which is, `You are in charge of your education.'"

Savanna said...
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Savanna said...

Savanna Lawrence
Period A

On Sep. 8 President Obama addressed an audience of high school students on education, a message broadcast through the nation. The speech stressed students should work hard, stay in school, and be the best they can be. The controversy surrounding his speech has spread throughout the country. Obama is being accused of being anti-failure, and teaching children socialist ideas. Conservative parents and critics debate whether Obama’s speech overstepped his boundary as a president, or whether it is his way of telling the students of today to do their best and never give up on their dreams. While thousands of calls have been coming into schools some council members asked them to calm down, Obama is only trying to enforce the importance of students education.

marc said...


President Obama gave a speech to the students in Arlington, VA. It was broad casted nation wide addressing all the students of America. "What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country," Obama said during his speech to the students. The speech, however, gave some parents a negative effect. Some parents think that Obama's speech had a more political than an educational reason for talking to the students. The parents asked their schools not to show Obama's speech to their children on september 8th, 2009. The speech, however is put online and viewing it is "optional."