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Mad Cow: An Assignment for 4.27

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By now you've probably heard about the Mad Cow case in central California. Your task will require your journal.

First, read the two articles below (one is news, the other is opinion). On the opinion piece, you only have to read to the end of the first section on the Mad Cow case.

California mad cow disease: Quick response by beef industry (do not watch the video unless you have headphones)

Mad Cow (remember to stop at the end of the section on Mad Cow Disease)

Next, in your journal, describe how you might localize this story. Include angles you might pursue, who would would talk to and at least three questions you would ask.

Finally, in your journal, analyze the opinion piece. Is it well-written and easy to follow? Does he follow good format for an opinion piece (presents information, includes his opinion and the evidence that supports it, acknowledges the other side of the story and provides evidence why that side might be wrong, use engaging language to hook and keep the reader involved)? Discuss whether or not the author does a good job and provide evidence.

Advocacy Journalism: Bullying

This is a reading and journal assignment:
  1. Read the front-page (yes, the entire front page) editorial from yesterday's Sioux City Journal. It can be found here. Also, read the AP story on the editorial (which really is unusual) here.
  2. In your journal create a page for today's entry. On the top half of the page write at leave five words, phrases or sentences that make this a powerful piece. Below your list, explain why those words and phrases spoke to you. Below that, write at least one paragraph on your opinion of the placement of this piece citing specific evidence from the AP story and the editorial itself.
  3. On the bottom half of the page suggest ideas for how the Titan Template could address the bullying issue. Your ideas should include, at a minimum, a specific story idea, a visual to accompany the story, and some sort of infographic type visual. You are encouraged to list additional items for coverage as well.

editorial cartoon source: Sioux City Journal, 4.22.12, pg. 1

Food Politics Part I

In case you haven't heard, gelato sales have been stopped and there will be NO food sales at club fair next week. Why? The cafeteria people got involved (and not just those from our site). Welcome to Food Politics on the local level.

Over the next few days we'll be talking about the politics of food in our country. Many of you might have read "Fast Food Nation" or you've seen "SuperSize Me." Maybe some of you have even seen "Food, Inc." You might have heard the team Frankenfood. Yes, it's a real term coined in the last century to describe genetically modified foods.

Today, I'd like you to start by reading this article from the New York Times about the Child Nutrition Bill that passed Congress last week. What are the main points of the article? What are the key features of the bill? Most importantly, what did you learn about the politics of child nutrition from this article? Be prepared to discuss this. You are advised to make some notes.

Free Speech v. Community Standards

Recently, a student at Rocklin High School was suspended for wearing a rubber bracelet that many felt had an inappropriate message. Read the article, then leave a comment below discussing whether or not the student had the right to wear the bracelet despite its message. Please note that under California Education Code, students CAN be suspended for defiance to school authority.

Be sure to include your first name and last initial so that your comment can be tracked.

Rocklin High suspends boy....

By the way, student free speech would be an appropriate jumping off point for an opinion piece or editorial.

Do yearbooks have a future?

This is an interesting article from Oklahoma about the future of yearbooks. Our books are scheduled to arrive early next week and we sell to nearly 50% of our student population. The books are also requested by the city and two local libraries. With all of that said, our sales are still down significantly over the past two years.

A yearbook is the story of the school year in book form, so what is the future of the traditional yearbook? What makes you think so? Leave a thoughtful comment here. Due by the end of 5th period today.

Note: many of you know my opinion on this issue. Please don't regurgitate my opinion. What are YOUR thoughts on the future of yearbooks?

Things that make you go huh?

Think like a journalist on this one. Leave a comment here discussing both the content of the story and the story itself. It doesn't matter that this is about a yearbook, it could be about a student newspaper as well. There are a few things that should leap off the screen at you. What do you still want to know?

Keep in mind: Prior review in VA is not uncommon.

Article: H.S. Yearbook Halted

As always, I would suggest that you compose your comment elsewhere, then copy and paste it here. This is due by 5 pm Friday, May 21.